Zakład Handlowo Usługowo Produkcyjny
"AGROMAL" Grzegorz Malewski
rok założenia 1989

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We specialize in wooden pallet production with metal and plastic brackets 600 x 800 mm. We are able to manufacture approximately 2500 pallets per day. We have established a reputation for high quality of the offered pallets. We make efforts to achieve this goal by competence of our employees, often connected with our company since the beginning of its foundation, a strict technological regime and accuracy in a raw material selection. It should be underlined that we are extremely tolerant about bracket dimensions as well as wooden element dimensions.

We begin a manufacturing process from scratch, namely we start with raw wooden bales – this allows us to avoid agents and guarantee competitive prices.

Disposable, industrial and Euro pallets.

We are a company which sells new and used pallets of EURO, disposable and industrial types.

We deliver pallets to a client using our own transportation within the whole Europe area. Undertaking cooperation with us, you are guaranteed of high quality of our products and timely implementation.

Welcome to cooperation with us